New Work

Darwall cloth has been included in many magazines dealing with art in craft media and textiles, including American Craft, Surface Design, Fiberarts, Handwoven, Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot, Textilforum and Weven.


Recent books include:

The Nature of Craft & The Penland Experience, Lark Books, 2004

The Fiber Arts book of Wearable Art, Katherine Duncan Aimone, Lark Books, 2001

Art to Wear, Julie Dale, Abbeville Press, 1986.

ArtWear, Melissa Leventon, Thames and Hudson, 2005.   Excerpt: "In the 1990s Darwall, best known for mesmerizing shawls and scarves that explore the interaction of color with weave structure, began making a limited number of garments...

Craft In America: Celebrating Two Centuries of Artists and Objects, Jo Lauria and Steve Fenton, Clarkson Potter, October 2007

In May 2002, Darwall was the subject of a monograph entitled Dreamweaver, by art critic Christine Temin in The Boston Globe Magazine.   Excerpt: "It's a Randall Darwall. Its vibrant palette shifts so often that no two square inches are precisely the same. "Why use five colors when fifty will do nicely?" is this master weaver's motto. A Darwall is a chameleon. You can wear almost any of his pieces with any color clothing. This suggests that one is enough. But Darwall aficionados don't stop at one scarf, any more than a collector who nabs a Monet would hesitate to go after another one--and another..."

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